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GIS Central Role in Administrative Register Based Qatar Census 2020

Location is central to any Administrative Register/Record based Census. The Address Register thus becomes the key to link and integrate the statistical data received from different sources and further in aggregation and dissemination of the statistical data. Qatar Census 2020 has aimed at an Administrative Register/Record based Census making best use of GIS techniques and the integration of statistical and geospatial information. The entire exercise relies primarily on the implementation of Geospatial Information technology as an essential element identifying the geographical location correctly and accurately and assigning unique location codes for each entity of data collection and representation unit. How best the admin records help in census operations and minimize the burdens of census field survey and at the same time benefit from this secondary data being more accurate, reliable, timely and available for regular updates during the inter-census period is studied and developed under Statistical Spatial Framework (SSF) for the country. 


Start date: Thursday, 10 October 2019  |  End date: Friday, 11 October 2019

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